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Ya-Ya Teahouse: About Us

Many people ask us about the Teahouse. It seems the question most often brought up is: What is that, exactly? In answer to this, we'd like to explain our concept of being a place purely devoted to tea.

What we're NOT:

a café or a coffee bar, nor are we a restaurant.

What we ARE:

Ya-Ya is an unhurried space for tea drinking, conversation, relaxation and more.

We are importing a wide range of pure teas. We're brewing and serving them in their traditional ways (like the Chinese Kung-Fu style or the frothy cup of Japanese Matcha) in order for you to experience them fully and appreciate their unique and multi-faceted nature. Having a passion for tea, we'd be delighted to guide you on your journey into the intriguing world of tea.

We are retailing our teas in bulk to give you the freedom to purchase the amount that suits you (be it a small quantity for a gift or stocking up a year's supply of your favourites).

We have a select menu of delicious treats to accompany the teas.

The Teahouse is designed with the emphasis on providing a tranquil atmosphere. We extend the invitation for you to unwind, contemplate the Zen-Garden and let our eclectic sound-mix enhance your visit.


Tray with tea samples