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Black Tea

Our featured black teas

Formosa black teaAli Shan GABA black tea
GABA teas have been proven to help people control their anxieties and even sleep. Until recently, only GABA oolongs and green teas were available, because the production of a black GABA tea proved to be too difficult. This has changed, and GABA tea is now available for "black tea drinkers" as well - and for anyone wanting a to try a new flavour. This special tea is made in a tea garden on the high slopes of Ali Shan, where frequent fog and lower temperatures impart a unique complexity to the tea leaves.

  $22.00 per 100g (order here)

 [ IMAGE: Chinese black tea Jin Jun Mei ] Organic Jin Jun Mei (Golden Eyebrows)
One of the highest quality black teas on the market - anywhere! Made exclusively from buds harvested pre-Qing Ming (Chinese spring festival), it takes more than 100,000 buds to make just 1kg of this precious tea! It is a relatively new tea (the first production was made in 2005), but it has quickly become one of the most fashionable teas in China. More information about Jin Jun Mei on our blog.

NEW     $43.30 per 50g (order here)

Organic Lapsang SouchongOrganic Lapsang Souchong
Strong, smoky & smooth - just like a great Lapsang should be. Our Lapsang is produced at its origin in Wuyi, China. Often copied, never matched.More information about Lapsang Souchong on our blog.

$10.00 per 100g (order here)

Organic Zheng Shan Xiao Zhong ChaModern Zheng Shan Xiao Zhong Cha (Organic)
Zheng Shan Xiao Zhong was the original black tea, the first tea of its kind ever produced in the 16th century. Originally, the leaves were smoked over pine torches, which was the precursor to what is now known as Lapsang Souchong. But this tea is made from high quality, large Xiao Zhong leaves. This is the modern (unsmoked) version, made by our friend Master Wu. More information about Zheng Shan Xiao Zhong Cha on our blog.

$15.10 per 100g (order here)

First Flush Darjeeling TeaThurbo FTGFOP 1 Tippy
Out of 30+ tasted samples, this wonderful FTGFOP 1 Tippy from Thurbo Estate is our first flush Darjeeling black tea of 2013. It stand heads and shoulders above anything else we tasted this year. It's made from clonal leaves and fantastically complex, light, with very good aromatics and a refined tannin structure. There is an abundance of flavours to discover and it's definitely a tea that keeps my attention!

   $30.00 per 100g (order here)

Here is the complete list of our black teas

All prices in NZ$ for 100g (unless stated otherwise).
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Darjeeling First Flush
Thurbo FTGFOP 1 Tippy $30.00
Jungpana 'Nirvana' (Organic)$17.40
Darjeeling Second Flush
Thurbo Tippy Clonal Musk Ltd. Edition $24.30
Darjeeling Autumnal Flush
Castleton FTGFOP1 Special China Sold Out!
Assam Black Tea
Assam Delight (Rani Estate SFTGFOP, Biodynamic, Fair-trade)Currently out of stock
Cream of Assam (Satrupa Estate SFTGFOP-1)$15.80
Golden Namsang (Satrupa Estate GFOP-1)$12.10
Mokalbari TGFOP 1$7.80
Chinese Black Tea
Yunnan Golden Bud$15.60
Yunnan Black Needle (Organic)$14.20
Keemun Mao Feng (Organic)$18.00
Keemun Congu (Organic) $13.50
Keemun Hao Ya A (Organic)currently out of stock
Lapsang Souchong, smoked (Organic) $10.00
Zheng Shan Xiao Zhong Cha, modern (Organic)
non-smoked Lapsang Souchong
Jin Jun Mei 'Golden Eyebrows' (Organic) 50g! $43.30
Formosa (Taiwan) Black Tea
Sun-Moon Lake Wild Mountain Ruby-18 (Organic)New stock! $22.70
Formosa Honey Flavour Tea$17.30
Ali Shan GABA black teaNew stock! $22.00
Masala Chai Black Tea
Ya-Ya's Himalayan Masala Chai