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General Instructions for brewing (steeping) tea: Black tea, Green Tea, White Tea - Ya-Ya Teahouse

General Instructions for brewing tea

Things Needed:

  • - a steeping vessel and a strainer
  • - a teapot and cups, or a covered cup (gaiwan)
  • - a teaspoon
  • - your favourite tea

Directions for Preparation:

  • Heat pure, good-tasting cold water.
  • Measure tea leaves into steeping vessel.
  • Pour hot water over the leaves and steep tea.
  • Pour hot water into teapot and/or cups to warm them.
  • When time, pour out water from pot & cups and pour all steeped tea through strainer into warmed teapot and serve.


  • Steeping Vessel: can be a pyrex container with a lid or another teapot (something easy to pour the tea out of)
  • Strainer: handheld type with wire or plastic mesh
  • Teaspoon: use a measuring spoon

There are many types of tea leaves as well as many different personal tastes. The following are only guidelines now that you have the necessary tools needed for brewing good tea.

Some Things to Consider:

Brewing tea is not an exact science. Find out how you like your tea best!

Remember: Always steep shorter to begin with. Take a sip to find out your preference. Teas can become bitter when left to steep too long.

Most teas (with the exception of most black teas) can be infused more than once (3 to 4 times, possibly more).
For the second infusion, heat more water and pour over the leaves to steep while drinking the first infusion. (Don't save tea leaves to steep the next day!) Always pour out all of the steeped tea from the infusion when it's ready.

Whenever possible, brew tea loose. This allows the leaves enough room to expand fully and to release all their flavour. That's why the second steeping can often be considered better than the first.

Caffeine: If caffeine is a concern, take hot water and pour over the tea leaves. Wait for 45 seconds and pour away the brew. Then steep as you normally would for that tea. Caffeine is water-soluble and this method will decrease its content by as much as 80% without harming the flavour too much.

Tea Type Quanity
(for 500 ml)
White Tea
White Tea
5 - 7 teaspoons

5 - 6 teaspoons

70 - 80C
3 - 5 min

6 - 10 min
Green Tea
Green Tea
3 - 4 teaspoons

2 - 4 teaspoons
70 - 80C

80 (- 100)C
4 - 7 min

2 - 3 min
Oolong Tea* 2 - 3 teaspoons 85C *
Black Tea
(Whole Leaf)
Black Tea
(Broken Leaf)
3 - 5 teaspoons

2 - 3 teaspoons
95 - 100C

95 - 100C
2 - 5 min

1 - 3 min

Some tricks: For a water temperature of 80C, bring the water to just boiling and pour it back and forth 5 times between two jugs.
Avoid pouring hot water directly onto leaves, they are scalded easily!

* For instructions on preparing Oolong tea in the Kung-Fu style, refer to the special instructions