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Green Tea from China and Japan: Sencha, Matcha, Long Jing, etc. - Ya-Ya Teahouse

Green Tea

What our customers say

Your Organic Sencha Premium was much better than any green tea I have had in the past (Raphael B.)

Our featured green teas

Chinese Green Tea from Sichuan Province, ChinaOrganic Rizhao Xue Qing (Snow Green)
When you drink this fresh green tea, you instantly understand why the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture has titled this tea as Green Food. The infused liquor is incredibly rich and broth-like, and it reminds me a lot of the Japanese Gyokuro - sweet, incredibly flavourful and no bitterness whatsoever. The dry leaves are formed into wiry spirals and look like tiny objects of art. If you have tried green tea in the past and were put off by its astringency (bitterness), try this one! Outstanding quality at an affordable price.

$12.30 (order here)

Green Tea from ancient tea treesYunnan Ancient Tea Tree Buds
This is one of our most unusual teas and a rare find. Produced in very small quantities from hand-harvested buds of century-old tea trees, it has a flavour that is not commonly found in tea. These large buds are harvested from trees that usually produce the raw material for arbor pu-erh and possess an incredibly sweet aroma. Infused, the tea reminds almost of raspberry leaf infusions, but with a seducing sweetness. Mellow, soft and deep.

Currently out of stock!

Green Tea from ChinaMengding Shihua (Stone Flower)
Mengding Shihua is one of the most delicate green teas that China produces. It is produced from leaves grown near the summit ('ding') of Mengshan Mountain in Sichuan Province. The tea is made from only the smallest, most delicate shoots of the first harvest, which are flattened during the pan-firing process. The infusion is vegetal like Long Jing and leaves a lasting aftertaste.

$23.60 (order here)

Organic SenchaOrganic Sencha Superior
Produced in Japan's prestigious Uji region, our organic sencha is of an outstanding quality usually available only in Japan. Full of spring freshness, intensive flavour & aroma and with the slight seaweed character marking great senchas.

New stock! $24.00 (order here)

Sencha Fukamushi SuperiorSencha Fukamushi Superior
Produced in Japan's prestigious Uji region, this is a tea that embodies the meaning of spring: fresh, fragrant and invigorating. Fukamushi means that the leaves are deep-steamed (roughly 2-3 times longer than for regular Sencha), which takes out most of its astringency and imparts sweetness. Our Sencha Fukamushi Superior is produced from a mixture of Sencha and Gyokuro leaves and its yellow-green infusion will enchant you.

New stock! $19.20 (order here)

Organic Genmaicha Japanese green teaOrganic Genmaicha
One of Japan's most popular teas: Genmaicha. The traditional mixture of roasted brown rice (genmai) with green tea (cha) produces a light and savoury cup. Very nourishing & refreshing!
Read more about the origins of Genmaicha here

$14.50 (order here)

Here is the complete list of our green teas

All prices in NZ$ for 100g (unless stated otherwise).
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Chinese Green Tea
Junshan Yinzhen (Organic) $19.20
Rizhao Xue Qing (Organic)$12.30
Yunnan Ancient Tea Tree Buds $17.10
Mengding Shihua (Stone Flower)New Stock $23.60
E-Mei Mao FengNEW $13.10
Japanese Green Tea
Organic Matcha SupremeNew Stock $34.00
Genmaicha (Organic) $14.50
Sencha Superior (Organic)New Stock $24.00
Sencha Fukamushi SuperiorNew Stock $19.20
Houjicha (Organic) $15.40
Taiwanese Green Tea
Ali Shan GABA Green TeaNEW $22.00
Scented Green Tea
Yunnan Ancient Green Yin Hao Osmanthus
(Organic, Fairtrade)
Currently out of stock!
Blooming Artisan Tea Flowers (5 blooms)$10.00
Nonpareil Jasmine Pearls (Organic)$28.50