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Oolong Tea: Wulong, Wuyi Rock Tea, Tie Guan Yin, etc. - Ya-Ya Teahouse

Oolong Tea

What our customers say

The Ali Shan Qing Xing was a fabulous tea - the strength of its orchid aroma, its sheer staying power and depth of flavour - got to be the best Oolong I have tried. (Steve M.)

Our featured oolong teas

 [ IMAGE: Organic Wuyi Rock Oolong ] Organic Wuyi Rock Tea or Wulong
Authentic oolong from the Wuyi Shan, Fujian Province, China. Rock teas (also called 'yancha') are grown amongst steep cliffs in the pristine environment of a scenic reserve. Often marketed as a weightloss tea, this tea has a slightly floral aroma, mixed with a robust, roasted flavour.

$15.50 per 100g (order here)

 [ IMAGE: Rose Oolong ] Rose Oolong
This very special tea is created by infusing a high quality oolong tea from Taiwan with freshly picked rose buds. The intense fragrance of the young roses mixes perfectly with the delicate aroma of the green oolong leaves, resulting in a divinely floral infusion. If you like roses and you like floral teas, this is the oolong for you!

$12.00 per 100g (order here)

[IMAGE Formosa Gao Shan]Da Yu Lin, Taiwanese high-mountain oolong (gao shan)
Da Yu Lin is situated in the heart of Taiwan's central mountains and produces the country's highest grown oolong. This oolong is grown at an elevation of more than 2400m! Teas grown at these high elevations have a unique quality to them and fetch very high prices. Unlike other high-grown Taiwanese oolongs from the likes of Li Shan or Ali Shan, Da Yu Lin oolongs are delicately light. They are ethereal by nature and produce a sweet floral infusion with a subtle mineral structure. The blue-green leaves produce many infusions and leave you with an aftertaste that stays in your mouth long after you've finished the tea.
A tea for very special occasions!

$32.00 per 50g (order here)

[IMAGE Oriental Beauty Oolong from Taiwan]Bai Hao oolong (Oriental Beauty)
The highly oxidized Bai Hao oolong is prized for its distinct flavours of sweet fruit with a hint of spiciness. It is produced in the summer, after small leaf hoppers (tea jassids) have bitten the leaves, causing a chemical reaction in the leaf that produces its unique flavour. The production of high grades like this one is very low and consists of furry tips with two leaves - a typical mao feng picking. No bitterness and a beautiful flavour make this oolong a real treat.

65.20 per 150g gift box (order here)

[IMAGE Wuyi Rock oolong Da Hong Pao, organic]Organic Nonpareil Da Hong Pao (Big Red Robe)
Da Hong Pao (DHP) is the most famous of all Wuyi Rock oolongs (yancha). It's name 'Big Red Robe' refers to the status of the original bushes being under the protection of the emperor (which was symbolized by the red robe laid around the bushes). Like all yancha, it is characterized by a strong mineral taste, balanced with floral notes. Nonpareil (literally without equal) marks the highest quality of a tea. Highly recommended!

58.20 per 50g (order here)

Here is the complete list of our oolong teas

All prices in NZ$ for 100g (unless stated otherwise).
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New Zealand Oolong
Zealong 'Pure' (Organic) 50g! $29.90
Zealong 'Aromatic' (Organic) 50g! $29.90
Zealong 'Dark' (Organic) 50g!$29.90
Chinese Oolong
Huang Jin Gui 'Osmanthus Oolong' (Organic)Back in stock! $13.00
2014 Spring AnXi Tie Guan Yin ('Iron Goddess of Mercy') Xiao Qing (light roast, highly fragrant) (Organic)NEW $16.80
2014 Spring AnXi Tie Guan Yin ('Iron Goddess of Mercy') Chun Xian (traditional roast) (Organic)NEW $20.70
2014 Spring AnXi Tie Guan Yin ('Iron Goddess of Mercy') Zheng Wei ('true flavour', smooth) (Organic)NEW $22.90
1993 20-year Aged AnXi Tie Guan Yin (Organic) 50g!$25.90
1983 30-year Aged AnXi Tie Guan Yin (Organic) 50g!NEW $50.80
Lan Gui Ren, 'Ginseng Oolong' (Organic)$13.80
Wuyi Rock Tea, also called 'Yan Cha', 'Wulong' or 'Slimming Tea' (Organic)$15.50
Wuyi Rou Gui 'Cinnamon Oolong' (Organic)$20.60
Hand-Processed Nonpareil Da Hong Pao, 'Big Red Robe' (Organic) 50g!$58.20
1995 aged Da Hong Pao, 'Big Red Robe' (Organic) 50g!$32.70
Heavy roast Dancong (Organic)$24.20
Feng Huang Milan Dancong, 'Sweet Honey Phoenix Oolong' (Organic)$19.50
Ba Xian Dancong, 'Eight Immortals Phoenix Oolong' (Organic)Back in stock! $23.60
Formosa (Taiwan) Oolong
Gui Fei Oolong 'Royal Concubine' $16.30
Jin Xuan (milky) Oolong (Organic) $12.50
Ali Shan Jin Xuan (milky) OolongBack in stock! $19.40
Paochong (Bao Zhong, Pouchong) Oolong $12.90
Osmanthus Oolong (Gue Hwa) with flowers $10.00
Da Yu Lin Gao Shan (grown at elevation > 2400m) 50g! $32.00
Wu-Ser Gao Shan (grown above 1500m) high-mountain oolong $26.30
Chilai Gao Shan Oolong (grown at elevation > 1700m) $30.50
Lalashan Gao Shan (grown at 1600m)$36.20
Li Shan Oolong (grown at elevation > 2000m) $26.50
Bai Hao Oolong 'Oriental Beauty', special grade 150g gift box $65.20
GABA Oolongs
Ruby GABA Oolong (Organic) Currently out of stock!
Amber GABA oolong (Organic)New stock! $20.50
Ali Shan Premium GABA Oolong (charcoal roasted)New stock! $27.60
Ali Shan GABA Oolong (high mountain)New stock! $24.00
GABA Oolong (Organic)$14.30
Scented Oolong
Rose OolongBack in stock! $12.00