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Books on Tea

Book: The Story of TeaThe Story of Tea: A Cultural History and Drinking Guide by Mary Lou & Robert J. Heiss
With this book, Mary Lou and Robert raised the bar for modern books on tea - by a fair margin!
Beautifully laid out with mostly colour photographs and filled with an amount of information, tales and accounts of personal experiences that will satisfy novices and seasoned tea enthusiasts alike. This is a comprehensive, authorative book, that is equally at home on the coffee (well, rather tea) table and the reference library.

432 pages, Hardcover $70.00 (order here)

Book: The Tea Enthusiast's HandbookThe Tea Enthusiast's Handbook by Mary Lou & Robert J. Heiss
Much more than a "pocket edition" of The Story of Tea, this wonderful little book offers a more practical approach to tea. Subtitled A guide to enjoying the world's best teas, it is just that: a concise, handy guide to tea. How to understand, select, and store different teas. Great for quick reference to point you into the right direction. The authors have done a very good job explaining how to judge the quality of tea (they call it soundness rather than quality) which should help people new to tea to avoid making expensive mistakes when buying tea.

208 pages, Paperback $40.00 (order here)

Book: The Way of TeaThe Way of Tea - Reflections on a life with tea by Aaron Fisher
This beautiful book by Aaron Fisher (founder and editor-in-chief of The Leaf) describes a deeply spriritual approach to tea. While containing an abundance of factual information, it is written as a reflection on the author's personal experiences of tea as The Way (Cha Dao). This gem of a book inspires the reader to listen to the tea, to learn from it and follow its guidance. Illustrated with the beautiful artwork by the author, the reader gets transported into the mountains to "have tea with the sages".

192 pages, Hardcover $45.00 (order here)