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Ya-Ya's "Tea of the Month Club"

Our "Tea of the Month Club" is the perfect gift for any tea lover!

Membership in our Tea of the Month Club is a perfect way to ensure that don't run out of tea since you'll receive a regular shipment of tea delivered to your door at the beginning of every month. As a member of our gourmet tea club, you are able to enjoy 50g of a new premium tea from Ya-Ya's select range every month.

Our tea club is a great way to explore the great variety of tastes from around the world! Each month, we carefully select one of our teas and send it to our Tea of the Month Club members.
All types of tea - black tea, green tea and white tea (as well as oolong and pu-erh) - and various levels of exclusivity will be featured throughout the year. We'll include a few 'super premium' teas that most people would otherwise never try due to their high price tag. You can look at it as a Tea Curriculum, a fun and easy way to learn about tea.

Many people don't know where to start when selecting tea. A vast array of choices, exotic names without direct English associations and initially confusing classifications can be serious obstacles for beginners. We will take the burden of choice off your shoulders and select great teas for you! Our monthly selections will either help you on your first steps into the complex world of tea or serve the seasoned tea enthusiasts to broaden their knowledge by introducing them to new varieties.

Every monthly shipment includes 50g of the featured tea - enough tea to get you through the entire month.


Options: Membership is available for 6 or 12 months.
Cost: NZ$90 for 6 months or NZ$170 for 12 months (postage within New Zealand included in price of membership)
10% off the membership price for members of New Zealand Tea Lovers (it's free to join our tea social network)!
Delivery: To the address you nominate at the end of the month. We endeavour to get your package to you by the first of each month, but delivery delays can be caused by the courier and are beyond our control.

You can order your membership via email.

Our tea club subscriptions are a popular gift for family, friends, employees and clients.
If given as a gift, we will include a gift card with your personalized message with the first shipment.