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Ya-Ya House of Excellent Teas

As a physical place, Ya-Ya House of Excellent Teas existed in downtown Christchurch for a short period of 2 years from 2006-08. Due to circumstances beyond our control, we had to give up the teahouse space and transition into a pure online business. While this transition was a painful one at the time (we now no longer meet all of our customers face-to-face, don't have live concerts anymore, etc), it allowed us to expand our selection of tea considerably. Somewhat surprisingly, the conversation with our customers did not stop, it just changed its form. Email is the medium now, and we found out that it can be almost as immediate as a direct conversation.

In the section Teahouse Concept, you can find some pictures of the Teahouse as it was (and will remain in many people's memory).
We're planning to eventually share some of our visions and thoughts that were important in the creation of the teahouse on this page.

Ya-Ya House of Excellent Teas Sign