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Tea Accessories - Ya-Ya Teahouse

Accessories for your tea ceremony

Bamboo Tea UtensilsBamboo Tea Utensils Cha Dao
Beautifully crafted set of bamboo tea utensils. This set consists of a large scoop (to measure tea leaves into the pot), tongs to hold the cups while washing, and a tea needle/small scoop (to unclog the spout and clean out leaves from the pot).
The tea tools come in a decorative silk pouch.

$31.00 (order here)

Cha He
Porcelain Tea Presentation Bowl Cha He
A cha he is used to present the tea leaves to guests for inspection before preparing the tea. It is also used to measure the appropriate amount of tea leaves to use for brewing. The funnel at the side helps to guide the leaves into the pot.
Diameter: 8 cm

$12.00 (order here)

Tea Knife
Pu-erh Knife
Most pu-erh tea comes compressed in shapes like beeng (disk), toucha ('bird's nest') or zhuan (brick).
A tea knife is used to pry the leaves apart without breaking them. The pu-erh knife is inserted in the direction of the layering of the compressed leaves and gently moved to losen a part of the cake that is used for steeping.
Length: 14.5 cm

$15.00 (order here)

Tea BurnerTraditional Japanese Tea Burner
The tea enthusiast's equivalent to an incense burner! These beautiful tea burners heat up tea leaves (traditionally Japanese green teas such as a low grade Sencha) to create a wonderful smell of roasted tea that will permeate your house. We had one of these burning constantly at the teahouse and many people asked us where this beautiful smell came from.
Height: 10 cm

$68.00 (order here)