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White Tea: Yinzhen (Silver Needle), Bai Mu Dan, etc. - Ya-Ya Teahouse

White Tea

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It [A Leaf & A Bud] washes into the mouth with all its berry-like sweetness. There is a savoury body there, complementing the sweet high notes and giving the tea depth. (Eric D.)

Our featured white teas

 [ IMAGE: A Leaf & A Bud ] A Leaf & A Bud
A bai mu dan-style white tea from Satrupa Estate in Assam, Northeast India. Satrupa Estate has started its conversion to a biodynamic teagarden in 2008 but it will be still a few years before all teas are fully bio- dynamic. A Leaf & A Bud is a light to medium-bodied tea with a definite character. Naturally sweet with the famous Assam malt flavour and a hint of citrus fruit.

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 [ IMAGE: Bai Mu Dan ] Organic Bai Mu Dan Premium
This is a high quality Bai Mu Dan ("White Peony") white tea from Fujian Province, China, at an affordable price. It is made from beautiful, large leaves ranging in colour from bright green to brown. The ratio of bud to leaf is not as high as with our King Grade, but this is a much more affordable tea. It produces a gorgeously fresh, light infusion with a slight herbal character. Great for your everyday cuppa of white tea!

$17.00 per 100g (order here)

Biodynamic Doke white teaOrganic Doke Bai Mu Dan (biodynamic, fair-trade)
This special tea is made of meticiously hand-picked, beautiful '2 leaf and 1 bud'-sets at Doke Tea Estate in the small Province of Bihar, Northern India. Converted into a biodynamic tea garden more than 10 years ago, Doke has proven to produce worldclass white tea that can compete with the famous whites from Fujian Province, China. The yellowish leaves brew an ethereal infusion full of citrus and stone fruit notes. It's our lightest white tea and ideal for those avoiding strong flavours.

New Stock $23.50 per 100g (order here)

[IMAGE Bai Mu Dan, King Grade white tea]Organic Bai Mu Dan, King Grade
King Grade marks the highest grade available for this type of tea. Bai Mu Dan is made from the bud and the youngest leaf. The inclusion of the youngest leaf brings more body to the infusion and makes a 'stronger' (in relative terms) white tea. This is an exceptional tea and so full of white hair that your hand will be coated with them when you take the leaves from the container! Produces at least 4 outstanding infusions when brewed gong fu, which we'd recommend.

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Here is the complete list of our white teas

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Darjeeling White Tea
Margaret's Hope White Delight$38.10
Bihar White Tea
Doke Premium Bai Mu Dan (Biodynamic, Fair Trade)New Stock $23.50
Chinese White Tea
Bai Hao Yin Zhen 'Silver Needle' (Organic)$22.60
Bai Mu Dan, King Grade (Organic)Currently out of stock!
Bai Bu Dan Premium (Organic)$17.00